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Joe Dirt Map

Here are two maps to help navigate the famous Joe Dirt ride.  The first map shows the two routes, and how they will be marked.  Orange arrows for the long route, and where the short route splits off, you'll see pink arrows until the short route re-joins the long route.  The other map shows street names, but be careful because nearly all the county road signs at the intersections are missing or destroyed.  Riding clockwise from the parking area, the names of the roads are as follows:

Long Route (the 25-mile Burley Joe Dirt Ride)(mapmyride link here)
1.  Meramec Farms Rd.
2.  Left on Klein Cut-off Rd.
3.  Right on South Klein Rd.
4.  Right on Burley Ridge Rd.
5.  Left to continue on Burley Ridge Rd.
6.  Right on Clark Rd.
7.  Right on Pitts Rd.
8.  Straight onto Mound Ridge Rd.
9.  Right on HWY 8 for 1/4 mile

Short Route (Regular ol' Joe Dirt)(everytrail link here)
1.  Meramec Farms Rd.
2.  Straight onto Cedar Ford Rd.
3.  Right on Benton Creek Rd.
4.  Right on Mound Ridge Rd. 
5.  Right on HWY 8 for 1/4 mile

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