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Gnarly Trails to Shred

Best Trails near Rolla:

Forest City Trail  (11 miles beginner+/intermediate+) (video link here)

Lions Club  (3 miles beginner)

Magruderville (8 miles intermediate)(Private trails, open seasonally Wednesday and/or Sunday)

Tanager Trails  (2-3 miles beginner/intermediate)(NOT mountain bike specific trails but OK to ride)  (a GREAT source of info for STL/Ozarks mountain biking)

Middle Fork Section -Ozark Trail (24+ miles Premier backcountry singletrack intermediate+)

Katy Trail State Park (240 miles beginner rail-to-trail)

Honey Run - FLW/Lake of the Ozarks (12.75 miles beginner/intermediate)(description Here)

Council Bluffssss (12 mile lake loop intermediate/intermediate+)

North Trace Creek Section - Ozark Trail (13 mile out-and-back intermediate)


If you enjoy riding the finest singletrack in all the land, please consider getting involved with one of these trail organizations because they are the ones who get it done!!

     Ozark Trail Association

Our Favorite Rural Assaultâ„¢ Rides:

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The Famous Joe Dirt Ride (22.5 miles, 100% gravel, very scenic, lots of climbing) GPX File HERE

Little Prairie Grinder (25 miles 1200ft climbing, Great night ride, start/finish at Little Prairie Lake) GPX File HERE

Gravel Pie  (48 miles, 1800ft climbing, great long ride only 3 big hills, Pie stop in Edgar Springs) GPX File HERE

Rolla to Salem (~33 miles one way, not much climbing) GPX File HERE

Death by Gravel (Huge Ride.  102+ miles 7000ft climbing, food stops at 22, 50, and 75 miles) GPX File HERE

Serious Injury by Gravel  (50 miles with some hard climbs, food stop around mile 30) GPX File HERE

The Waterfall Ride (Easy and close to town) GPX File HERE

Firecracker Five-O  GPX File HERE

Big Paddy 50  GPX File HERE

Mill Creek Masher (easy 25 miles clockwise from Mill Creek Picnic Area) GPX File HERE

Mill Creek Masher plus ten (cool clockwise loop added at south end of the Masher) GPX File HERE

Boiling Spring Bonanza (Rolla to Boiling Spring Access)  GPX File HERE

Lake Nutt-Coma (easy 25 miles from Lake Spring MO Post Office) GPX File HERE

Maries County Mangleur

Kaintuck Hollow Grinder

MCNBCC Grinder (Mill Creek Natural Bridge Corn Creek, 23 miles, lots of hills)

Spring Creek 20-mile Grinder

North Rolla 25-mile Grinder

Tour de Traileur

CIRREM (Central Iowa Rocky Road Endurance Metric)

Dirty Kanza (200 miles of bad roads in Kansas)